Monday, February 2, 2009

Swordfish basking over corn chowder

Last night, Troy and I splurged a little. What is normally $14.99/pound was $7.99/pound for fresh swordfish. What else is a steal? Corn chowder mix, bulk. Added red potatoes, green onions, extra corn, water, and milk to the mix.

I don't have more detailed ingredients to share other than what I have already disclosed, but I am more happy to divulge instructions.

I washed and cut the red potatoes (leaving the peel on it; it's nutritious and difficult to discern once it's been cooking awhile). Cutting them into small pieces leaves the boiling time a bit shorter. Bring them to boil in water and leave boiling until tender. Depending on how much water you started with, you may want to empty some of the excess (not all) water. I didn't completely empty the water used to boil the potatoes, to thicken the soup. Dump in the corn chowder mixture, adding milk and possibly water as needed. Also add in green onions, additional corn, and salt to taste. Once everything is brought to boil and simmers for a few minutes, the soup is ready to serve.

As for the swordfish, I pan fried it. In a non-stick pan, I put in diced garlic with olive oil on medium heat. Once I could smell the garlic simmering, I put the swordfish on the pan. My piece of swordfish was particularly thick; so, I ended up cooking it for 3-4 minutes on each side. Somewhere in the cooking process, I drizzled each side with salt and soy sauce. Fish can easily be overcooked. Thus, constantly check it.