Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fried rice

I'm super tired. Why am I telling you this? Because I'm super tired. And my children are finishing their naps, I have finished washing the dirty dishes and wiping down the counters, and my husband has to go back to work tonight. I'm tired.

In other, more pleasant, news, I had a relatively new friend over for lunch. Not the sort of Hannibal Lecter (have you seen that movie with Anthony Hopkins in it? Haven't thought or seen him in the same way since) way. I made fried rice.


Fried Rice

I've made this numerous times now, none relatively recently; but, I decided to try two things different:
  • After cooking everything separately, instead of combining everything in a big pot, I threw everything back into the pan. That means the rice got a bit of frying, in the end.
  • I used a "specially seasoned Southwestern corn" mixture instead of a frozen vegetable mixture that usually includes corn, carrots, green beans, and peas. Why, oh why, must my two little girls be so picky about the green beans and peas? My 3 yr old's favorite color, after all, is green (and some times blue).

This dish involved combining 4 individually cooked components:

1. 1/2 red onion diced. I cooked on lower medium heat with olive oil until a bit transparent. I got a bit distracted by my two little children and by dish washing, so some of it got golden brown.

2. 3 ingredients used: diced garlic, four beaten eggs mixed with a bit of chicken broth.

3. Use a bit of diced garlic and olive oil. On medium heat, let garlic sizzle for about a minute. Then throw in frozen mixed vegetables and put the lid on the pan. Add a bit of sea salt while it's cooking.

4. Cook rice. I cooked about 3 cups. Using a rice cooker.

4. In the now empty frying pan, on super low heat, throw in the cooked medium grain white rice, adding soy sauce. Do NOT drown the rice in soy sauce. There's plenty of saltiness from salting the other components. Now combine all the other components into the pan and stir carefully. Try not to smother the rice; gently stir.

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