Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This is a spin off of a recipe Manda was so kind to pass my direction. Made it just now. The fragrant aroma coming from the soup reminds me of being at Manda's, since she made this quite often for the Friday night group.

2 cans of diced tomatoes (2 28 oz. cans)
1 can of pinto beans (27 oz.)
1 small can of yellow corn (don't know the size (15 oz.?)
2 packages of dark, ground turkey
1 package of corn chips
chunks of garlic (this is up to your preferences; we love garlic, so I put in half a head)
2 packages of Texas Chili Seasoning Mix (2 1.25 oz. packages)
shredded Cheddar cheese
shredded Mexican blend cheese

Cook the ground turkey first. I pan fried it. Drain the fatty juices. In a large pot, dump in the ground turkey, diced tomatoes, pinto beans, and seasoning mix. Once boiling, drop in the corn. Salt to taste.

When ready to serve, in the individual bowls, add avocado, cheese, corn chips (and sour cream if preferred).

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