Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eggs, sunny side up

I don't remember ever making eggs sunny side up or over easy.

This morning was a morning I wanted eggs. But not scrambled. Sunny side up seemed the right fit. Without any prior memorable experience, off I went.

The moment the eggs went into the pan and the girls could see what I was making, I knew they would want some. Made enough for the ladies in the house.

In a non-stick pan with some olive oil massaged into the pan, I turned the pan on lower heat. Once the pan was heated, I broke the eggs into the pan. After a bit, I loosened the eggs from the bottom of the pan, to ensure the eggs weren't sticking to it. Letting the egg whites and yolks to solidify, I left my yolks quite tender (and runny in one case). Some parts of the egg whites were crispy underneath.


The girls, after they had finished their breakfast, decided they were going to prepare their own eggs and wanted me to take their pictures.


Want some?

That's sea salt and freshly ground black pepper on top.

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