Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An anniversary meal all the members of my family couldn't wait to eat: HOMEMADE PIZZA


Today, my husband and I celebrated our eight wedding anniversary. Food is such an important part of our lives, so that had to be part of the celebration. We wanted to celebrate with a delicious meal on a budget.

For our anniversary meal, I made two pizzas for about $7. No kidding. TWO PIZZAS for about $7. And? It was so tasty, hardly any leftovers, among two adults and two very small children (one 2 yrs old and one will be 4 next month). Due to my influence, my husband is a fan of mushroom and pineapple (not to be confused with the Hawaiian ham and pineapple combination) pizzas.

Ingredients - 6 total:

1. French loaf dough King Soopers (aka Kroger) uses to make their French bread. It comes frozen. Just ask the bakery for the dough. They charge the same amount as the stuff that's baked. After tax it was $1.77.

2. Olive oil, just enough (not enough to make greasy) to thoroughly cook the onion and mushrooms (separately). 3. Red onion. 4. Pineapples. 5. Mushrooms.

6. Shredded cheese.

The process and preparation:

Peel and cut the red onion.

Cut thinly.

Like so.

Wash and cut the mushrooms thinly as well.

Until they are all cut.

Separate the juice from the pineapples. I drank the juice.

Pizza sauce. Need that. Goes on top of the dough flattened on the baking surface.

With just a bit of olive oil, cook the red onion until it's transparent. The onion and mushrooms must be cooked BEFORE placing on the pizza; otherwise, the result is nearly raw onion with crunchy mushrooms.

Put the onion aside, leaving any remaining liquid in the pan and cook the mushrooms. I added a hint of sea salt to the mushrooms. Then set that aside once cooked until tender and soft.

This will be needed last, on top of the toppings.

One of two pizzas before I added the cheese.

The other pizza, with the cheese added on it. Ready to bake.

After the baking, cooling, and cutting. I baked my pizzas individually at 475 for about 18 minutes.

The other pizza after baking.

The girls ate the cheese portion of the pizzas, and my husband and I ate the pineapples, mushrooms, onion part of the pizzas. My husband and the girls did not want to stop eating the pizzas. No kidding. People were drooling as they thought about and talked about the pizzas.


And gone.

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