Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chicken Tacos with Freshly Made Guacamole

Chicken Tacos with Freshly Made Guacamole

After my photo essay on the guacamole I made today, the photographs I'm offering on the dinner I made for my family sparse by comparison. Some of the ingredients are not pictured below, such as the chicken breast or olive oil or sea salt.


Served this delicious food on flour tortillas. Along with some salsa and some shredded cheese.

My husband felt like it was the best tasting guacamole he's ever had. Also? When we had tacos, he helped himself to two huge tacos (much more filling than what you see in the top picture). Then he had seconds. Had a third helping. Going back for fourths crossed his mind, but he stopped. Guess it was a good meal.

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