Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot and Sour Soup becomes Porridge


Lily's Hot and Sour Soup Porridge

I am an avid soup fan, but not of the sort, like salads, that leave me hungry moments after consumption. Soups of the sort that function as meals, now that is a charmer. I also have a more sensitive stomach. I haven't been diagnosed with IBS or anything like that, but oftentimes heating leftovers in the microwave is insufficient for my temperamental stomach. The old fashion way is gentler - the stove. Combine that with one of my favorite starches: riceeeeeee. I love you, rice.

Cooked the rice by rice cooker and then dumped the aforementioned (cooked) rice into a pot.

Added hot and sour soup I had cooked previously. For a recipe of my infamous soup, go here.

In my mind, pure deliciousness. But it was missing a teeny little something. The processed, artificial, complete with preservatives ingredients that turns my healthy food into badness.

Preserved vegetables. But it adds a little something to the tasty food. . .

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