Friday, March 26, 2010

Strawberries, oh how I love you

Warning: no recipes will be provided in this post. This is the blog where I spend the most space talking about food, so I wanted to carry on about my favorite fruit. Now that I have that off my chest, here we go.


Our entire family loves, loves, loves strawberries. Strawberries have been my favorite since a young child. I remember my dad growing strawberries, and figuring out how to guard them in such a way that other critters didn't steal them first was always a magical feat difficult to accomplish.

Since having my own family, we've somehow, for the most part, saved these sweet temptations for our children. Finding acceptable strawberries at stores has been nearly impossible. In my experience, store purchased strawberries are usually unacceptable on one of two (or both) grounds. One, they aren't really sweet (they appear red on the outside, but they're still pretty white on the inside). Two, they have a chemical residue taste to them, even after washing. Guess those pesticides want to stay.

But, I've found one place that sells mouthwatering, sweet, delectable strawberries. I try to buy them only when in season. Sunflower Farmer's Market, I love you.

Look at these babies. Who can resist?

Certainly not me. I mean look at them! Two and a quarter for each of the girls and two and a half for me.

Red all the way to the heart of the strawberry. So, so, drippingly (I'm making up my own word here) sah-weet.

Here's an experiment for you to try: compare and contrast store purchased strawberries that are white towards the center and ones that are red all the way to the center. What's the difference in taste? Report back when the assignment is completed.

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