Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicken and Potato Curry


Chicken and Potato Curry

Yesterday afternoon, I made two dishes:
1. cucumber salad, and
2. chicken and potato curry.

I blogged about the former. Missed it? Click here, on cucumber salad, for my recipe. The curry soup I made was using this new (well, new to me) yellow curry paste I am using to cook, by Mae Ploy. Comes in a yellow plastic container. First time I made it, see my recipe here, burned me like crazy. And, I used only half the package.

Used the second half of the package yesterday. Thought I was doing better by defusing the heat with more potatoes (I used approximately 12 red potatoes, double the number from the last time I made it) and doused the curry with loads of milk.

This curry isn't the sort that makes the lips burn. It tastes subtly spicy hot initially and gets hotter. Yesterday I ate what I had made with plenty of rice; didn't seem to rescue me much. I was at the debilitating mercy of the spicy hot, but flavorful, curry.

A couple of my friends at Starbucks tried it last night, and they reiterated what my husband said, tastes great. One of the two hardly found it spicy whatsoever. What the heck? Alright, so I revise my commentary to say: the chicken and potato curry dish is spicy enough to tease those who are avid spicy food eaters but can burn non-spicy eaters out of the house.

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