Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring, spring, spring is in the air, and so am I

We've been getting thunderstorms the past couple days (today included). Even got a brief tornado warning. Trees are budding, flowers are starting to show their colors. We have cool mornings and cool evenings. Sometimes we've got unpredictable weather. All remnants of the spring season; I love it. This is one of my favorite seasons, if not the favorite. Because I love spring and because I love my spouse, I made three dishes this afternoon, whilst the girls were off dreaming in dreamland.

First on the chopping block, guacamole. Mmm, mmm goodness. Don't believe me? Come over for some. I'm not known for stinginess.


Next, I made a cucumber salad of sorts. Seedless cucumber, sea salt, sugar, rice vinegar.

Last but not least, I made potato and chicken curry. Tried a new curry thing.

Delicious, but also very spicy and very salty. Not for the non-spicy or mild folks. Seriously. And I only used half the package. For those who think spiciness is a way of enjoying for, this is for you. This isn't spicy and nothing else; it has a wonderful richness to it. What else? It has no added MSG and no preservatives.

For what I made, here's my recipe:

  • Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste - half a package
  • 6 potatoes (should have used double the amount)
  • chicken breast, cut into small pieces
  • half an onion, diced
  • milk

I cooked the potatoes in a pot separately. In a pan, I caramelized the onion, using a bit of olive oil. Then I put the chicken breast into the pan. Once the chicken breast was fully cooked, I dumped everything else in (potatoes, the curry paste, milk).
There it is folks, the chicken and potato curry. Excellent over rice.


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