Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm in love.

Oh my. Have I told you about Sunflower Farmer's Market? Of course I have. Wonderful deals on fresh produce. Also love to support local farmers when possible. This week's ad, which started yesterday, came in my mailbox, and I fell in love. My lovely, tastily sweet, delectable strawberries are so very, very sweet.


Remember these?

Oh, and a few other things caught my eye. Chicken sausage. Normally sausage doesn't excite me whatsoever; ingredients scare me. These, however, did you see the smaller print? Fresh. All natural. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. No MSG. Made fresh daily.

I'm putting jambalaya on the menu.

Next? Swordfish. Wild caught swordfish. Yes, I'm well aware these are probably previously frozen. What do you expect? I live in Colorado; no big bodies of water are nearby. Will have to see how fresh the fish looks before any final decisions will be made.

I leave you dreaming about food tonight. Guten nacht, alle.

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