Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two of my Favorites: Rice and Hot and Sour Soup

We've been experiencing hot, sweaty weather that is more than I can handle with grace. I'm talking about over a hundred temps for several days and minimally the high nineties for a week or so. I live in a house with a down draft swamp cooler for cooling (no air conditioning). Dying here.

Somehow none of that deterred me from two foods that I consume on a regular basis: rice and soup. Hot and sour soup is one of my favs lately.

This past Friday, I made two things: hot and sour soup and tacos. Despite the fact that it was so hot that day. By the time I consumed my lovely hot and sour soup with rice, I was a sweatier mess than I was before I started eating.

Not a pretty sight, whatsoever. But, the food was so satisfying.

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