Monday, January 24, 2011

Cinnamon & Sugar Almonds


Cinnamon & Sugar Almonds

I apologize for the many slightly blurry photographs below. Perhaps I could blame it on my broken camera flash. Or maybe it's an artistic rendering for how we, as adults, watch life and time fly away.

This recipe isn't mine. Not at all. But it is one, the only one, that I have borrowed and used from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen: Burnt Almonds (Gebrannte Mandeln), provided by Birgit Kerr. Thank you, Birgit. I got loads of compliments on this, as I gave it to people as part of their Christmas gifts and made it for my parents the day they arrived this most recent trip.

I changed the name of this recipe because my version wasn't burnt. Not at all. I also didn't cook mine for 20 minutes, like the recipe says. But then again, I'm always making up my own stuff.

Again, since this isn't my recipe and I didn't really manipulate and morph the ingredients and stuff into my own take, I'm not going to restate the recipe here. Click on the above link, if you'd like to see the recipe.

Ingredients are simple and few:

1. water

2. raw almonds

3. brown sugar - the recipe only said 'sugar,' but I took the liberty of using brown sugar

4. cinnamon

5. vanilla extract

Here come the blurry photographs. Again, my apologies. Here was my cooking process.

Brown sugar

and cinnamon and water in first.

Stirred, stirring on medium heat. Brought to a boil.

Drop in the raw almonds. Constantly stir (or everything will hug the pan), cooking until the water gets absorbed or evaporates.

Finally, add a little extra brown sugar and the vanilla extract.

The directions said to spread the stuff in parchment paper, but I had none. Aluminum foil sufficed.

Viola. Tasty treats that continue their beckoning call, day after day.


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