Friday, January 28, 2011

A longing, a desire

Do you know what this is? It's a Cherry Red, Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 7 1/4 Quart Round French Oven.

From what I understand and reading various reviews, it's the brand that makes the best quality in the business. Lasts for many, many years (translation: decades, minimally). I had looked at this in this past, drooling. Mind you, I am not a hedonist. Not that I don't enjoy pleasures every now and again, but it is neither the focus nor the purpose for which I live. But, the price, even at its discounted price, is way beyond the price range of what I can afford. Recently, at least a couple of blogs have included mention of it: Manda's blog and Ree's blog. I place a comment nearly every time Ree offers a giveaway, but my chances of winning a Le Creuset oven is slim to none.

I do loads of cooking and love it, unlike many people with whom I am acquainted in my generation, and a Le Creuset would sure get plenty of use in my lifetime. Plenty.

Julie Powell, as portrayed on Julie & Julia, sure seemed to gather lots in her readership by blogging after blogging about each of Julia Child's recipes. I have no where near the fan base Julie Powell had, at least to my knowledge. But a blogger can dream right? Perhaps there are loads of blog fans that simply don't leave comments. Maybe even some of those fans love me and are very generous and desire to make this dream come true.

The Le Creuset brand. 7 1/4 quarts is great. The Cherry Red is my preferred color. But, Cassis (the purple one) will do as well. Amazon has a decent discounted price and it offers free shipping for the item. Any takers?

Addendum: Wow, I just read an Amazon review that said there's a 101 yr warranty on the Le Creuset.

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