Monday, January 24, 2011

Potato & Egg Burrito

I'm back. First, my laptop's screen / monitor decided to retire without permission. Then, a desktop computer decided not to recognize my camera or any of the photographs on it. Attempting to sabotage my blog posts, perhaps, but only temporarily. I'm back. But watch out. . . I have a number of food blog posts for you.

Potato & Egg Burrito


It's unfortunate that I'm finishing up this post as my stomach churns, churns, and churns with hunger. Unfortunate for you, because I'm likely to skimp on details.

I cooked the eggs and potatoes (I believe these were made with red potatoes) separately. Some diced garlic was involved. But make sure the garlic is well cooked in the olive oil to avoid burning your mouth with raw garlic.

For seasoning? Sea salt, Hungarian paprika. I can't remember what else. Give a break, will you? I get a little hazy on details.

Gave mine a bit of ketchup before consuming.

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