Thursday, June 24, 2010

A botched attempt, a complete turn around from the previous effort

A couple of weeks ago, I made fried mozzarella sticks for the first time and posted about it. Remember? See here, if you like. A splendid, pleasant, successful experience. Well, a couple days later, I made the stuff again.

Since it was such a hit the first time, my husband put in an order for loads of them. I attempted to make THREE TIMES the number I made previously, bringing the total number of cheese sticks close to 40. The result: FAIL.

Here's the best of what survived:


The shrimp cooked more successfully than the previous attempt, but the cheese kept melting ALL OVER THE PLACE. It was quite ugly. I was so frustrated and dismayed, as the "chef," I didn't have the appetite to eat more than a couple.

Look towards the bottom of this photograph. See the evidence of the cheese bleeding all over the place?

Didn't seem to deter my husband or children, however. They still found the cheese sticks to be tasty treats.

Here, in short, was my process.

Cut the cheese sticks in half.

Dip into each of these bowls, starting from left and moving towards the right.

Store in the freezer for half an hour, to flash freeze.

Then deep fry. I used olive oil.

At least these cheered me up some. As a perfectionist and a perfectionist chef/cook, I couldn't stand that the presentation was messed up, even though the taste was unaffected.

We'll see if I ever make these again.

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