Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lily, Lily, how does your garden grow?

Um, whose garden? Maybe Mary's garden is growing. I know my dad's garden is plentiful and beautiful.

Speaking of which, the following isn't even half of what my dad brought this last trip. Spent a huge chunk of yesterday cooking a majority of what was left of the fresh vegetables, excluding the tomatoes, since most of them aren't ripe enough to consume. Let's see if you can help me identify these beautiful, home-grown, pesticide-free vegetables.

Swiss chard.

As I pulled out all the chard and washed them, at the bottom of the bag was a pleasant surprise: okra. Haven't ever cooked that one previously.

Washed this. What is this called in English? It's not green onion; I promise. Not grass. Smells fragrant.

Whilst washing the above vegetable, I found a surprise. Yup, another surprise. Green onions. Can you tell the difference between the above vegetable and green onions when they're mixed together? I can, I can.

Kohlrabi. From my dad's garden this season? HUGE. And still tender and delicious. Stay tuned for what I've done with it.

Pickled kohlrabi has been one of my favorites since I was little. Mmmm, mmmm, good.

Tomatoes. Oh, how my mouth is watering. I love tomatoes, too. If I had my head together and was capable of gardening outside, these would definitely be part of the garden. How about potted tomatoes? Anyone have success making potted tomatoes flourish?

The next several posts will be dedicated to authentic Taiwanese (not to be mistaken as Chinese) dishes, as I include ways in which I cooked or pickled some of these vegetables. Authentic Taiwanese cuisine is my favorite, nearly tying my other all time favorites - Japanese food and Italian food. Could eat that stuff all the time.

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