Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day dinner

I had asked my husband what he wanted for his Father's Day meal. Whilst waiting for a response, I was anticipating answers. . . Pizza? Burgers? Make him something?

He volunteered to make something.

What? Be still my beating heart. Did I hear correctly?

He said it's been awhile since he made anything, and he didn't mind making something for Father's Day.



Um, that was before I found out that my half-on-vacation brain failed me on the dates family was coming for a visit. Through conversation with my sister on Wednesday of last week, I was reminded that everyone was due to arrive on Friday. Of last week. Not this week.

Certainly, I didn't want to put the pressure on for Troy to stay good to his word, because now, there were TEN people, not four, that were going to be around for Father's Day. But, I took one of his suggestions and decided to be the chef at the helm.


And, I made guacamole. Especially for my sister. My husband loves guacamole. But, my sister really enjoys avocado whilst the rest of her family does not. My husband helped cut the celery for the chili and finely chopped half an onion and a serrano chili for the guacamole. For recipes and more photographs, go here for the chili and here for the guacamole. As usual, I didn't use exactly what's written in those recipes, but the recipes are there for ideas.

Fruit of Sunday's making.


Served over rice, but also enjoyed with chips made with white corn.

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